Berkley IronSilk Wins Best Line Award at ICAST


The Berkley® IRONSilk™ monofilament line was awarded the Best Line Award at the 2014 ICAST show in Orlando, Fla. As a leader in innovation and reliability in the line market, Berkley introduced the revamped line at ICAST 2014.

No other monofilament fishing line stands up to wear and tear like IRONSilk. This line was built to be fished in the most abrasive environments like around zebra mussels, oyster beds, docks or rip rap.

IRONSilk is up to 33 percent more abrasion resistant than other lines of the same diameter. For anglers, this means they can go to lines with smaller diameters without sacrificing any abrasion-resistant qualities.

This opaque green line is tough as iron, but smooth like silk. The unique, smooth composition of IRONSilk allows it to flow through rod guides 20 to 25 percent faster, delivering anglers longer, smoother casts.

New IRONSilk is 40 percent more UV resistant than the original version. The line is a reinforced polymer matrix with no coating, which means it has structural toughness at the molecular level. Anglers can choose a wide variety of sizes from 6- to 20-pound test.

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